Joe’s reuse of old OSM prototype.

Devtank’s first OpenSmartMonitor install was updated a few months back, with the old sensors coming back to the Devtank HQ. These old models we learnt a lot from, but they have become obsoleted by the newer sensors. As I needed to get the electrics of my house brought into this century, so I could fit … Read more

Why open source test equipment?

Companies that require new test and measurement solutions are often faced with a choice “make versus buy”. There are pros and cons of both. Devtank offer the best of both options with a refreshing open business model. Make versus Buy With “make” you get full control of the equipment and it can be made to … Read more

Standard verification process issue

Standards are good. Products verified to standards are even better. But with many of these industrial standard verification processes there is the classic “who watches the watchers” and “code is law” issues. Experienced engineers, either hardware or software, may have been round this a few times themselves, but let me write it up for those … Read more

Devtank’s take on the ESP32

Previously we’ve used the ESP32 and are really impressed. Normally when you start getting into encrypted web standards with a device, using a microcontroller starts clearly becoming the wrong tool for the job. Indeed, twice we have become involved with projects that started as microcontroller but out grew it and were moved to GNU/Linux. Generally, … Read more


So I am a big believer in repairing things. I grew up in a house hold of fixing stuff. “If it’s broken anyway, might as well try fix it.” Now I’m a parent myself with many, many, many kids (well five). Things get broken quite a bit. Recently they managed to break both vacuum cleaners. … Read more