Business Awards – East Midlands Chamber Finalists 2022

Tuesday 2nd of August was the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards, which was hosted inside The Museum of Making.This event happens each year and gathers local businesses to celebrate the work they have been doing. Devtank are proud to announce that we are finalists in three categories; Excellence in Innovation (OpenSmartMonitor), Environmental Impact (OpenSmartMonitor), and Apprentice of the year (Cameron Browne). To reach this stage is such an achievement as there are many other candidates running in the same categories. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and we can’t wait to see the results in November!

Full list of finalists 

The Museum of Making      Rolls Royce EngineToyota Car Components

The Museum of Making seemed such a fitting venue as it displays many different engineering works from in and around Derbyshire such as; a Rolls Royce aircraft engine, Railway Parts, and a Toyota which is cleverly suspended from the ceiling of the entrance way displaying all of it’s components. The Museum of Making (previously known as Derby Silk Mill) is perfect for a day out and is located in the heart of the city center. An even more interesting reason it was such a suitable venue to celebrate local businesses is the history of the factory building. It was built between 1717 and 1721 and was the first silk throwing factory in England, and possibly the first mechanical factory in the world. The name of the mill was ‘Lombe’s Mill’ and at it’s height employed over 300 people. Quite obviously given the time period, it wouldn’t have been the nicest of working conditions! The reason for it’s location next to the River Derwent is due to the site previously being a water powered silk mill (which “was a failure”).

Amanda Solloway appeared at the business awards wearing a giant QR code! This was to promote the Great British Railway competition which is being held to find their new headquarters. With Derby having such a wealth of history involving industrial revolution and railways, we believe it’s the perfect place for the headquarters. Derby’s history of railway goes back to the 1830’s to which we had the biggest railway and station in the country.

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