An industrial Mini-ITX form factor motherboard based around the Raspberry Pi 3 compute module (CM3) which can be used as a low cost solution for control and monitoring applications.

Access to 2 x 40 pin GPIO headers (Rasp. Pi Compatible) and all built in motherboard peripherals, including Adjustable power supply, SATA, USB2.0, HDMI, CAN-FD, RS485, RTC, Camera & Display ports.

Note: The Open-VTI backplane cannot be accessed within a standard ATX style PC case. (For backplane options – see Compact and Maxi HILTOP Chassis)

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The HILTOP CM3 Motherboard was born out of necessity in 2015 for one of Devtank’s early customers. We needed a quick method to deploy an industrial Raspberry Pi based solution for a telecoms customer in the USA and the HILTOP CM3 motherboard was created, based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module. The Motherboard is designed to work with our HILTOP Chassis which then enables access to a range of plug-in Open Test Modules using the Open VTI backplane standard.
A design feature we utilised immediately for our own customers was the Mini-ITX form factor and the ability to fit the motherboard in a standard Mini-ITX PC enclosure. You can choose your own case and ATX power supply or purchase one of the accessory options from our website. The initial motherboard we created has gone through several iterations and is now a mature design packed with lots of industrial features including CAN-FD and RS485.
The motherboard is designed to work with the Rasp Pi CM3 Lite/Lite+ module providing a powerful BCM2837 processor core with 1GB RAM for you to to build industrial products with. This is essentially the core components from a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ but without the EMMC flash. There is an SD card holder for you serving up as the flash memory for the Pi. Simply fit an SD card hosting the operating system of your choice to make deployment easy. We offer a premium OEM quality SD card with or without a development image to get you started.
The HILTOP CM3 Motherboard is packed full of features, compatible with the existing eco-system of Pi HAT’s and ready for deployment on your industrial applications. Please visit our github site for design material and user guides.

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Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite (CM3 Lite+)


SATA Interface for external disks


DSI (FFC-15 way) (Touchscreen) and HDMI


CSI Port (FFC-15way)


2 x External Fan drivers, 2 x Isolated CAN FD channels, 2 x Isolated RS485 Channels, 2x 40 Way main board GPIO Headers for internal expansion, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit LAN, Open VTI Backplane Port


2-30V DC Adjustable Power Supply, EEPROM for Config Data, Onboard Temp Monitor, RTC

Power Supply

110-240V AC or DC options


Touchscreen (DSI) & Camera (CSI) support

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