JIGTOP-230 (Kit)


High quality production test jig based on an open source design, caters for a PCB maximum board size up to 230mm x 230mm. Jigs are designed and manufactured in the UK and easily customised to suit your bespoke application. The modular approach to our jig construction means you can easily swap and replace parts as required for your test application.

This listing is a DIY KIT for self-assembly. We also offer a fully built and tested jig.

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Designed and manufactured in the UK using a variety of UK suppliers. The JIGTOP 230 is Devtank’s first production test jig suitable for volume PCB testing in a factory environment The jig can be supplied as part of a bespoke HILTOP based test solution or as a blank canvas for your own development. An ‘open source’ and flexible solution with modular, replaceable parts, designed to cater for PCBs up to a maximum board size of 230mm x 230mm.

The Jig uses a slotted (30mm x 30mm) aluminium extrusion based frame to cater for multi-axis adjustment of clamps to cater for a wide variety of PCBs. Extra rails, clamps and fixing hardware can be provided for additional flexibility. ESD wrist strap and 1Meg Earth bonding point supplied as standard.

The integration of gas struts into the design ergonomically improves both ease of operation and maintenance. More powerful gas struts can also be requested with revised board clamping hardware.

All clamps and configurable parts are easily adjusted with Allen keys and can be customised with a variety of additional options, see accessories. The large internal cavity area can be used to house power supplies, custom electronics, interlocks and even spare parts. See our HILTOP product range for complementary hardware solutions.Devtank supply turn key test and measurement solutions. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise you.

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Main Chassis: 420mm x 420mm x 295mm, Maximum PCB Test Area: 230mm x 230mm

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