Devtank offer a complete product design service including hardware and software. Whether you need a complete new product or are upgrading a working prototype / demonstrator turning a PC + LabView / Matlab Windows lash up into an actual product which can be manufactured and tested.

We can design ARM SoC boards for specific requirements and do the required Linux kernel work to enable software to be able to use the integrated hardware. Maybe you need just a small lightweight micro-controller device with FreeRTOS or just bare metal.

Our hardware is designed with free and open tools such as KiCAD and FreeCAD so no licensing is required to work with our designs.

Our software is built with equally free and open tools, again free of license costs.

We can do all layers of the software stack from Linux kernel to touch screen user interfaces talking to databases over the internet.

When we design a product we design for test and design for manufacture.

Our boards are designed with test points so they can be tested at a circuit level before functional testing is done. Many other design houses do not do this and this can cause issues to go undetected until very late in the products development cycle.

On top of that, we can then offer production testing solutions. All the product tests results go into a database. The database test results can be used to optimize the process. For example “10% of failures are due to this component. Let’s change that component or how it is fitted.” Some describe this with buzz words and say it’ll be the next big thing in manufacturing. To us, this is just doing the job properly.