Embedded System Design

Embedded systems are the heart of many electronic projects and Devtank have experience working on a number of platforms from 8bit PIC micros operating with assembly code to  a 32bit ARM core hosting Debian Linux.

Embedded systems are used on everything from washing machines to aircraft and provides flexible control where you need it. Embedded systems are generally designed to provide a low cost control system with low power and form factor requirements. The latest generation of cores provide serious processing power and where required host embedded operating systems. Devtank have experience with the following applications of embedded systems.

  • Complex digital signal processing
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth, WiFi,
  • Telemetry Systems: VHF/UHF modulation
  • Touch Panel Displays
  • LCD displays
  • Keypads
  • Embedded OS and Software
  • CAN bus
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL)

We are familiar with Atmel, Microchip and ARM based products. Please contact us with your system requirements to see how we can help.

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