Anthony Hodgson-Yeomans

Marketing Champion

After finding he has a strong passion for digital marketing, Anthony joined the Devtank team as an apprentice digital marketer. Fulfilling this role has been something Devtank has needed someone to do for a while as before everyone did odd bits and bobs every now and then. His prior experience included aiding his dads business start up by building a website from scratch, designing the logo and setting up social media pages and a google my business accounts. Since joining the team, Anthony has already been put to work on our new OpenSmartMonitor website to which he designed and drew the logo as well as helped us visualise our website design ideas. He has also picked up the use of photo editing software very well.

Hobbies and interests: I have a strong passion and love for art, music and cycling. I have dedicated 15+ years to playing the guitar and just as long dabbling in pencil and pen sketch art. I love road cycling so much that I am cycling in to the office everyday.

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