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CDTek = Clean Air Developments through Technology. Our aim is to help our customers care for the air and the energy that they share. Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency are all goals that we recognise as some of today’s top priorities. In order to improve, we need to understand, and it all starts with measurement. Understanding our changing environment, through measuring the different physical and chemical components, allows us to see influencers, trends and warnings thus guiding us how and when to act to make and measure improvements.

CDTek’s origins are in industrial emissions measurement. As industry is the major polluter in our world, this is has been a highly regulated area for many years. Those involved have tracked and anticipated the technical challenges required for regulatory compliance in this market. Regulation for the indoor environment is going through a similar period of evolution and will in due course require reliable and economically acceptable measurement solutions in order to develop the desired benefits.

CDTek offers smart ambient and indoor monitoring solutions, and best-in-class air purification systems, allowing rapid return on investment through energy savings and air quality improvements.


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