Sustainability at Devtank

At Devtank, our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we take proactive steps to make it a reality. Our fully open-source business model empowers our customers to repair our products on their own, resulting in a longer lifespan for our products than those of our competitors. This approach has an undeniable positive impact on the environment, as noted by open-source and repair enthusiasts. By making repairs more accessible and affordable, we can reduce waste and ensure our products don’t end up in landfills.

If a product cannot be repaired, we dispose of it using a WEEE Recycle Bin. Enviroelectronics collects and sorts our recycling for reuse or repurposing. For example, components from old motherboards that are still functional are supplied to other businesses for building new products. If certain parts cannot be repurposed, alternative options are explored, such as creating stationary equipment from recycled materials.

To increase our sustainability, we recycle everyday items like paper, cardboard, and cans, and strive to minimize waste as much as possible. Some of our team members contribute to this effort by driving electric vehicles, installing solar panels at home, or choosing to cycle or walk to the office every day. Another way to decrease our impact through commuting is the ability for our staff to work from home when suitable!

Open Smart Monitor Iot Sensor of a grassy backing


Our OpenSmartMonitor sensors have proven highly effective in helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. With the ability to monitor environmental conditions, machine efficiency, and energy consumption, we have enabled countless customers to save energy, reduce waste, and cut costs. Our sensors have even identified problems such as water leaks, wasteful heating and boiler usage, inefficient machinery, and leaky toilets.

We have personally installed these sensors in our office to monitor our energy usage and environmental conditions. Through the implementation of LED lighting and motion detectors, we have made significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint. By detecting water leaks early on, we have been able to save money and prevent larger issues from occurring. We also monitor temperatures to ensure proper insulation and identify areas that require improvement. We take pride in the positive changes we have made and remain committed to doing our part for the environment.

We are thrilled to share with you our involvement in Project INSPIRE, led by Pragmatic, which aims to create the world’s first environmentally sustainable semiconductor plant. As part of this commendable initiative, Devtank has implemented OpenSmartMonitor sensors to diligently monitor and analyze power, water, and gas consumption. Moreover, we are closely overseeing all machinery involved in the project to ensure optimal efficiency and minimal impact on the environment.

Project INSPIRE by Pragmatic